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Italics Private to Tracey, Adrian and Theo

I didn't know that my actions were going to be blown out of proportion! I've got half of Slytherin hating me and the rest of the school loves me. All day people have been saying thank you and nodding at me. A RAVENCLAW TRIED TO GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE!!
I didn't ask for this.
Why can't the whole school go back to ignoring me again!
I'm not ashamed of what I didn't, but I didn't ask for this attention.

If I see Malfoy go and run to another Professor, I swear...
You want people to treat you like a man, you take your punishment for your actions like one!
Own up.

[Private to self]
At least I have some people treating me the same.
Well, for the most part. My face smashed against a bookcase was a bit out of the ordinary.
I'm trying to keep a sense of humor throughout this. At least Tracey's helping.
She makes the whole thing seem less dramatic.
I need to get some rest.
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It would be inconsiderate of me to laugh at the highfive thing, wouldn't it? (Though tell me someone got a picture?)

I'm glad I'm not the only one disgusted/annoyed with Draco's reactions to all of this.
I could try to locate a picture. I'm glad your enjoying yourself at my expense.
Hurrah! Blaise, you have just made me an incredibly happy girl!

And when am I not enjoying myself at your expense, really?
I aim to Please.
You know what I've realized? Without you to laugh at, this world would be a dull and boring place.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dearest Blaise, for having such an (at times) comical life.
I do believe I'm quite tempted to say "now you know how Harry Potter feels", but that's just cruel.
Excuse me while I find some poison.
To make the Potter comparison even more conceivable, of course.

Haha, why do you ever even bother asking about my motives? You only ever get stupid answers, you know.