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June 30

It appears I missed, rather slept through, an important event. You see, I had been feeling slightly under the weather all week, and had seldom slept. So what perfect time to get some rest then on the train ride home. So I drank an exceedingly heavy sleeping draught after boarding the train, and was out within minutes. Needless to say, I was rather shocked when I awoke to see all the commotion outside my compartment.

Peering out the window I saw mediwitches tending to battered and bleeding STUDENTS! I opened my compartment door and attempted to snag a confused second year. "What happened?" I demanded. But he only stared at me bewildered and wriggled free from my hold on his cape.

At the end of the corridor, I heard shouts of Death Eaters and an attack. I slumped back into my seat, trying to compose my racing mind.

Upon returning home, father drilled me on everything that had happened. Where I was, what I had done? The only option was to lie. I told him I had guarded a compartment of four or five of my younger house mates. He seemed less then satisfied with this. I believe the word he used was coward.

If only he knew the truth.
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