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So I went to the dance even though I didn't have a date. I figured I might as well make a fool of myself. All of the girls looked quite nice indeed. Pansy was looking spectacular as always. Always did have a problem keeping my eyes off that one. It is a bloody shame she is tangled with Malfoy. Waste of time if you ask me.

Tracey, love, you looked absolutely radiant as well. Quite a flower I must say.

The list goes on of course, but the one girl whom caught my interest was Parvati. All this time if I thought either of the twins were even close to my type, it would be Padma. But I must say, she is far too conceited for my liking. You see, I like a much more...generous girl.

You see Parvati looked quite...suggestive in her gown. Amazingly beautiful, but suggestive.

Not to sound too self absorbed myself, but I really do think I'm a much more...enjoyable date then Crabbe and Goyle. So I took it into my own hands to rectify that.

So lets just say the evening went from great to spectacular.

It began with some casuals flirting. I have to say, Parvati is wonderful company. I'm not certain who kissed whom first. All I'm certain of is that we ended up kissing very frivolously at the ball.

I have to say however that is was Miss Patil's idea to escape to the cranny beneath the Gryffindor stairs.
There we began to get to know each other in a very...personal way. I'm going to leave most of this open for your imagination's, but I will tell you she has some incredible assets.

Unfortunately our rendezvous was rudely broken up by Marietta. I mean, what else can you expect from headgirl? She doesn't have much else to do, beside spy on others.

Perfectly wonderful evening in all.
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